Garbage Service
The Town of Danbury contracts residential curbside garbage service through Foothill Waste Solutions.   One rollout garbage cart will be provided free-of-charge. If your container is missing or destroyed, or you have any questions regarding residential or commercial garbage services or schedules, please contact Danbury Town Hall at (336) 593-2002. 
Residential garbage service is scheduled for every Thursday except for Thanksgiving Day and when Christmas falls on Thursday.  In those events, pick-up is re-scheduled for the next day.

Residential Recycling Service:  For Calendar year 2024, pick-up will begin on Jan. 5th and continue every other Friday through December. 

1/6, 1/20
2/3, 2/17
3/3, 3/17, 3/31
4/14, 4/28
5/12, 5/26
6/9, 6/23
7/7, 7/21
8/4, 8/18
9/1, 9/15, 9/29
10/13, 10/27
11/10, 11/24
12/8, 12/22
1/5, 1/19
2/2, 2/16
3/1, 3/15, 3/29
4/12, 4/26
5/10, 5/24
6/7, 6/21
7/5, 7/19
8/2, 8/16, 8/30
9/13, 9/27
10/11, 10/25
11/8, 11/22
12/6, 12/20
Street Lights
Town street lights are provided through a contract with Duke Energy.  Requests for additional streetlights should be made in writing, and addressed to the Town of Danbury.

Zoning and Planning Board/Board of Adjustment

One Board serves as both the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment.
The zoning ordinance and a zoning map are available for inspection during regular office hours in the town office and are available in PDF format on the Ordinances/Plans/Maps page.
Meetings:  The Planning Board / Board of Adjustment meets at Town Hall on the 4th Monday of the month or as-needed. Meeting time is 6:00 PM.  Called meetings are posted on the town hall door and on the website
Planning Board / Board of Adjustment Members:
John Turpin – Town Representative
Elmer Manuel – Town Representative
Olivia Shelton – Town Representative  
Donnie Mabe – ETJ Representative
Melinda Ring – ETJ Representative
Water and Sewer
Water and sewer services in Danbury are managed by the Stokes County Public Works Department: During business hours (336) 593-2415. 
For after-hours emergency water/sewer issues, call (336) 593-2406.

Fire Protection
Fire Protection in Danbury is provided by the Danbury Volunteer Fire Department.

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